Property Management for the people. PMRS is a local company geared toward one on one interactions and customer service.

With business now in days trying to portray a larger than life persona I think it is important to also show that a business with employees is a human business.  I know that sounds a bit funny, but it means the business is made up of people like you and me living their lives.  They have families, struggles, goals, soccer practices, doctor appointments, weddings, births etc.  Life is life and it does not stop just because you own or work for a business.  It is so easy in this day and age to want a company to jump on your needs ASAP but sometimes that is not what’s best for the real-life people working behind the scenes.  A lot of businesses think not keeping up with demands is a sign of weakness.  They push and push, but it ends up breaking down their employees in the process.  If you humanize your business and focus on quality over quantity then you can create a balance platform for your company.  Both your employees and your sales can soar and you have created the perfect structure for positive growth.   The following post below that I have made to all Property Management Rental Solutions marketing sites shows the simple gift from one co-worker to another.  It shows the caring of the interoffice workship and hopefully puts the idea out there that our team cares about each other.  We work hard together and do our best for the company.   That there are real people behind the scenes busting their humps for the consumer on a daily basis.  I think companies do not give consumers enough credit in thinking that they actually care about this.  FAct is we ALL work for a living, and consumers can relate because they to are in the same boat.  I know it seems like a huge concept to spread but as with everything in life, the ripple effect starts with casting the first stone out.  The first acknowledgment to take the time to take care of the people who are serving your business needs.  #takecareofeachother #lifeislove #weareinthistogether #businessequalspeople #lovetoworknotlivetowork #kindnessisfree

Christmas came early !!! Lovely surprise from a co worker. I’m guessing my sweets addiction is no longer a secret. #yummy #officemiracle #chocolate🍫 #pmrs#863pmrs #realestate #propertymanagement#winterhavenfl #rentals863

Happy Holidays to all. Its the 12 days to Christmas countdown….here at PMRS

Happy Holidays to all. Its the 12 days to Christmas countdown….here at PMRS we have been good all year long and can’t wait for Santa to come.🎅🎄🌟

We would love to know who is on the NICE LIST with us and who is on the NAUGHTY list ?


Keep with the times

In today’s market, your information has to be accessible by all means.  This means posting pictures, blogs, craigslist adds and business websites info.  Keeping your  google, facebook, instagram and twitter  (just to name a few) updated shows your audience that you are engaged in your product just as much a they are and you respect them as consumers to take the time and polish your company’s media output.   Check out one of PMRS ‘s recent twitter post about trying some new out:  (It doesn’t have to be prefect, and your crowd will appreciate the effort and time)

Quick Fall tip of the week

When its time to Fall back (turn the clocks back an hour) it is the perfect time to remember to change out those smoke detector batteries.  Even if they seem to be working, toss them out and put in new ones.  This will help insure they are always working throughout the year.  You can never be to careful one it comes to the safety of you and your loved ones.

#1 Halloween Safety Tip for your home

Safety Tip for when the ghouls are onsite to TRICK or TREAT🍭:

Make sure the walkway to your front door is free from tripping hazards. Seems simple enough but as the night gets darker and with the little ones in mask/ costumes, spooky decorations can become easy trip and fall situations. Take a quick second to walk your route from their prospective to keep everyone safe and happy this Halloween. 🎃  Phone# 863-271-9524

Going on a vacation.??? Before you mentally check out…check into some of these helpful tips for renters:

Here are some simple tips to make your vacation a truly stress-free escape.  Like many I will be out of the country the next 4 days enjoying a real deserve time off with some friends.  Even though our resort has wi-fi I really want to be able to unplug from the world.  I’ve delegated my potential work flow tasks, but it dawned on me I need to set up some simple fail safes for my rental.  I now share these tips with you.  (Also, being a property manager, I see it all the time.  Murphy’s Law if something can go wrong while your away ….it will).

  1. Give your management company or landlord a heads up that you will be gone. Very important to leave an updated emergency number of someone you trust in case something happens.   (email and phone preferred)

(I’ve seen pipes break and flood out the first room of a home before.  We left multiple messages for the tenants, but they were out of the country for two week and none of their other listed contacts were valid anymore.  Not the welcome home situation they had expected.)**

**** A great tool for international travel is a phone app called Whats App.  It allows you to make international calls for free or text for free if you have Wi-Fi.  This can at least keep you in the loop if any issues pop up.  Let the landlord know you have this app and they can contact you incase of emergency.

  1. Before leaving your home, I like to switch off certain breakers to cut energy to outlets that aren’t needed. Its one less fire hazard.  For example, you won’t need most outlets in the kitchen (make sure you do not turn off the fridge).   You will want to leave the a/c on but bumped up so it does cycle on from time to time.

— Clearing out the drain line of the a/c is also a great tip to help prevent any clogs which lead to leaks while you are gone.                                                    — you can also put a glass of water in the icebox to freeze and place a quarter on top of it.  This helps you know if you have lost power for an                        extended period of time while you are gone.  If you come home and the quarter in deeper in the cup that means you lost power and need to                      toss out your food for safety reasons.

  1. You can leave a note in your mail box for your mail carrier in case you will be gone over 2 weeks. This helps them know to not return your mail and that you will be returning.
  2. A big reminder is to either prepay your rent or make sure your rent is automatically paid in case your gone during this time frame. This prevents late notices from being posted on your door which can be a target to people screaming NO ONES HOME.
  3. For a quick back up, it is always a smart idea to take a video of all your belongings before leaving in case you have the unfortunate luck of being broken into.  This way there is current proof of what you may need to claim.

Easiest Pro Tip for Business Cards. Make the connection Memorable!

I have a lot of face to face meetings and showings with both owners and potential tenants.  The one thing that is becoming a lost art is personalizing their experience.  A quick simple fix to this is adding a special note to the business card you will give them at the end of the encounter.  Taking 10 extra seconds can build a positive bond and shows them your willing to take the extra time or go that extra mile for them.  It shows your not just going through the motions and that they are valued as an individual.   The notes do not have to be long or inspirational.  A quick  mention of ” it was a pleasure meeting, here is my direct line #, have an amazing day, I am here if you have further questions, looking forward to helping you find your dream rental, etc” can really put a smile on someones face and makes them think twice about tossing the card away.

Pro tip when ordering cards—— DO NOT make them GLOSSY.  Matte finish cards are easier to write on with a regular pen !!!!!!!! 

Unless your the king or queen of permanent fine tip markers this tip makes life so much easier.  Nothing worse then a written note that gets smudged as soon as they walk away.  Make it fail proof for consumers to reach you and be reach out to.


Give thanks to those who have nurtured your goals!!!

It is Boss’s Day today. We like to take the time to celebrate our broker Chrissi Jasso. What an amazing boss and example of true leadership. We need more than just one day to show how much we appreciate you!!