Please make sure you meet the following criteria for our application process:


PM Rental Solutions does accept MULTIPLE applications per home. Homes will not be taken off the market until a deposit and administration fee is paid. To see if a home has an active application on it, you will need to contact our office in writing ( If you apply and the home already has an active application, you will NOT receive a refund.

Keep in mind all persons living in the home over the age of 18 must apply: (application fee is $50.00 per adult).

Application Guidelines:

1. Must be able to show proof of income via paycheck stubs of 3 times the monthly rent.
– Bank statements will not be accepted unless the whole year is paid up front.
– A document on company letter head from HR showing salary and hourly details are ok. Must have contact information to verify.
– Supplemental income (ex. government checks) must have paper work provided to be used toward income proof.

2. Credit score of at least 600. If you have ANY collections from a landlord, you will be DENIED automatically. Your report needs to show a positive ratio of revolving accounts. To many late payments or past due account will result in a denied application.

3. A background check is completed. NO FELONIES or aggravated charges accepted (no matter the time frame). NO sexual misconduct or drug trafficking charges accepted.

4. An eviction report is conducted. If one is found it is an automatic DENIAL. No matter the reason.

5. You must be able to provide 2 years’ worth of positive rental history. When we call your current landlord, you must have given them proper notice for us to move forward with your application approval. If you cannot provide rental history, you may be offered a chance to pay a higher deposit. This is dependent on the owner and is NOT a guarantee.

6. Please check the listing pet policy for the listing. Most aggressive breeds are not allowed.

7. Make sure you are ok with move in ready date. Owners are looking for someone to move into the home within a week of the make ready date. We will NOT HOLD homes for 3 or more weeks for move-in. Your application will not be chosen, and your application fee will not be refunded.

8. If rental has an HOA you are required to follow their rules and regulations. You must be approved by them before you can move in. Any delay in them approving you is not the fault of PMRS and you will not be refunded your deposit and fees if you are not able to move in by the lease begin date. It is your responsibility to get all required documents into the HOA for approval and pay any fees associated with the process. You will not be allowed to apply for the HOA until your application is approved by PMRS to live in the rental (PMRS will do our best to assist as much as possible with the HOA to secure their approval).

All information will be verified and any delay in being able to verify this information is up to the applicant to clear up. PMRS will reach out via email to inform applicants of need information and issues that may arise. Getting your application approved in a timely manner is extremely important.

*****If you have any questions, please feel free to email******