With business now in days trying to portray a larger than life persona I think it is important to also show that a business with employees is a human business.  I know that sounds a bit funny, but it means the business is made up of people like you and me living their lives.  They have families, struggles, goals, soccer practices, doctor appointments, weddings, births etc.  Life is life and it does not stop just because you own or work for a business.  It is so easy in this day and age to want a company to jump on your needs ASAP but sometimes that is not what’s best for the real-life people working behind the scenes.  A lot of businesses think not keeping up with demands is a sign of weakness.  They push and push, but it ends up breaking down their employees in the process.  If you humanize your business and focus on quality over quantity then you can create a balance platform for your company.  Both your employees and your sales can soar and you have created the perfect structure for positive growth.   The following post below that I have made to all Property Management Rental Solutions marketing sites shows the simple gift from one co-worker to another.  It shows the caring of the interoffice workship and hopefully puts the idea out there that our team cares about each other.  We work hard together and do our best for the company.   That there are real people behind the scenes busting their humps for the consumer on a daily basis.  I think companies do not give consumers enough credit in thinking that they actually care about this.  FAct is we ALL work for a living, and consumers can relate because they to are in the same boat.  I know it seems like a huge concept to spread but as with everything in life, the ripple effect starts with casting the first stone out.  The first acknowledgment to take the time to take care of the people who are serving your business needs.  #takecareofeachother #lifeislove #weareinthistogether #businessequalspeople #lovetoworknotlivetowork #kindnessisfree



Christmas came early !!! Lovely surprise from a co worker. I’m guessing my sweets addiction is no longer a secret. #yummy #officemiracle #chocolate🍫 #pmrs#863pmrs #realestate #propertymanagement#winterhavenfl #rentals863





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