Here are some simple tips to make your vacation a truly stress-free escape.  Like many I will be out of the country the next 4 days enjoying a real deserve time off with some friends.  Even though our resort has wi-fi I really want to be able to unplug from the world.  I’ve delegated my potential work flow tasks, but it dawned on me I need to set up some simple fail safes for my rental.  I now share these tips with you.  (Also, being a property manager, I see it all the time.  Murphy’s Law if something can go wrong while your away ….it will).

  1. Give your management company or landlord a heads up that you will be gone. Very important to leave an updated emergency number of someone you trust in case something happens.   (email and phone preferred)

(I’ve seen pipes break and flood out the first room of a home before.  We left multiple messages for the tenants, but they were out of the country for two week and none of their other listed contacts were valid anymore.  Not the welcome home situation they had expected.)**

**** A great tool for international travel is a phone app called Whats App.  It allows you to make international calls for free or text for free if you have Wi-Fi.  This can at least keep you in the loop if any issues pop up.  Let the landlord know you have this app and they can contact you incase of emergency.

  1. Before leaving your home, I like to switch off certain breakers to cut energy to outlets that aren’t needed. Its one less fire hazard.  For example, you won’t need most outlets in the kitchen (make sure you do not turn off the fridge).   You will want to leave the a/c on but bumped up so it does cycle on from time to time.

— Clearing out the drain line of the a/c is also a great tip to help prevent any clogs which lead to leaks while you are gone.                                                    — you can also put a glass of water in the icebox to freeze and place a quarter on top of it.  This helps you know if you have lost power for an                        extended period of time while you are gone.  If you come home and the quarter in deeper in the cup that means you lost power and need to                      toss out your food for safety reasons.

  1. You can leave a note in your mail box for your mail carrier in case you will be gone over 2 weeks. This helps them know to not return your mail and that you will be returning.
  2. A big reminder is to either prepay your rent or make sure your rent is automatically paid in case your gone during this time frame. This prevents late notices from being posted on your door which can be a target to people screaming NO ONES HOME.
  3. For a quick back up, it is always a smart idea to take a video of all your belongings before leaving in case you have the unfortunate luck of being broken into.  This way there is current proof of what you may need to claim.

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