I have a lot of face to face meetings and showings with both owners and potential tenants.  The one thing that is becoming a lost art is personalizing their experience.  A quick simple fix to this is adding a special note to the business card you will give them at the end of the encounter.  Taking 10 extra seconds can build a positive bond and shows them your willing to take the extra time or go that extra mile for them.  It shows your not just going through the motions and that they are valued as an individual.   The notes do not have to be long or inspirational.  A quick  mention of ” it was a pleasure meeting, here is my direct line #, have an amazing day, I am here if you have further questions, looking forward to helping you find your dream rental, etc” can really put a smile on someones face and makes them think twice about tossing the card away.

Pro tip when ordering cards—— DO NOT make them GLOSSY.  Matte finish cards are easier to write on with a regular pen !!!!!!!! 

Unless your the king or queen of permanent fine tip markers this tip makes life so much easier.  Nothing worse then a written note that gets smudged as soon as they walk away.  Make it fail proof for consumers to reach you and be reach out to.



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Posted by: pmrentalsolutions on October 18, 2018
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